Top 4 ways to find halal food in Sri Lanka

Top 4 ways to find halal food in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country and has always had a growing Muslim population for generations. Despite the fact that there have been instances of racial abuse in the past, the governments have always been working towards a free and peaceful society. As such finding halal places to eat meals or purchase some snacks has never been difficult and as a matter of fact there is a rise in the number of halal restaurants coming up throughout the country. As a Muslim tourist travelling to Sri Lanka, its important to note that there are mainly four main ways by which one could confirm whether a particular place serves halal food or not,

  1. Approved by the Halal Council – The halal certification body in Sri Lanka is managed by the Halal Accreditation Council (HAC) and they’re primarily responsible for issuing and managing halal certificates for restaurants and all food products and consumables in the country. Unfortunately, however there aren’t many restaurants which have been certified by the council although most snacks, fast food outlets and other products have been certified.
  2. Crescent rating approved restaurant – Many established restaurants and hotels in the country have also been approved in accordance to crescent rating standards which confirm that their facilities are halal. The crescent rating website lists down all the establishments which follow their standards and the level of compliance which they confirm to, all accommodation services listed on our site are also fully compliant with either Crescent rating or Salaam standard facilities.
  3. Owned by a Muslim – In instances where one is unable find crescent rated accommodation or halal restaurants in Sri Lanka, another suitable option would be to opt in for Muslim owned businesses. Although there are several Muslim owned restaurants available in literally every part of the country, most of them serve local food. Therefore, if you’re searching for western cuisine then it’s advisable to do your research prior to planning your travel in Sri Lanka.
  4. Recommendation – This is also one of best means by which you could choose a good halal restaurant in Sri Lanka by asking a local Muslim for suggestions on halal places to eat and Muslim friendly accommodation during your stay in the country. However, if you do not have any relatives or friends in the country, then it’s advisable to choose a Muslim tour operator who would plan out your itinerary so that you can enjoy halal food and stay in a Muslim friendly safe accommodation throughout your travel in the country.

All the restaurants which are listed on our website are halal certified by either of the above methods of certification. Sri Lanka is a rich cultural and as with Asian cuisine, our curries tend to be moderately hot which may not necessarily be something everyone would be familiar with. Therefore, when choosing a place to eat or if you are planning your travel through a travel agent, remember to keep them informed about your food choices and the sort of meals which you prefer to have throughout your journey.

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