A Muslim’s Guide to offering salah in Sri Lanka

A Muslim’s Guide to offering salah in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural society and Muslims account for nearly 5 percent of the population and despite this there are mosques located in literally every part of this tiny island. Sri Lanka is mostly known for its Sunni population with other sects like Sufi’s following along thereafter. Shia, Ahmadis and other sects account for a highly negligible amount of the population and are mostly found in remote areas of the country. Therefore, finding places to pray in the country is not an issue as there are several sunni mosques available throughout the country. Most mosques in Sri Lanka also offer facilities for women to offer prayers, however only a few of them may have space for ladies during Jumuah.

Tip 1 - Plan your Journey

Always make sure you plan your journey ahead to ensure there are suitable mosques en-route to any given destination so you don’t miss your salah. All mosques which have been listed in our site are all sunni masjids and may have facilities for ladies as well.

mosques in sri lanka with ladies prayer facilities

When planning out your itinerary through a Muslim tour operator always remember to keep them informed about your choices of mosques and whether you require those which have facilities for women as well. Furthermore, while you are travelling and in the journey you also have the option to combine your Salah's together when necessary.

Tip 2 - Choose Halal-Friendly Accommodation

travel prayer mat in hotel room

Sri Lanka also has many luxury hotels which are in accordance to Crescent rating or Salaam standard levels which would also provide qibla direction and prayer mats in the room when necessary. However, this service depends on the number of crescent rating stars which the hotel or other establishment belongs to. Nevertheless, all hotels and guest houses in Sri Lanka allow Muslim guests to offer their prayers without any interference or issues.

Tip 3 - Opt-in for a Muslim Tour Operator

Another major benefit which you could gain by planning your tour with a Muslim tour operator is that you could get a Muslim Chauffeur Guide and have a customized itinerary designed to make sure that you could enjoy your travel experience without compromising on any issues whatsoever.d

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