7 benefits of travelling to Sri Lanka during the off season period

7 benefits of travelling to Sri Lanka during the off season period

Travelling during off season is an age-old strategy which many tourists have tried and tested to reduce travel costs and get better deals during their vacation. As much as it has its pros and cons, off season travel to Sri Lanka has more benefits to offer as well. In this series we shall looking into the top 7 benefits which a Muslim traveler could get by going to Sri Lanka during the off season periods in the country.

• Less crowd – Locals usually vacation in Sri Lanka during school holidays which usually are between the months of April, August and December, so if you plan your tour on other months you are less likely to visit the destinations with more local visitors and families.

• Fewer tourists – The south coast of Sri Lanka is generally packed with many tourists from western countries who love relaxing and sun bathing along the beach. Therefore, travelling during off season months would help to enjoy a more halal friendly experience in coastal areas, especially if you are looking for a more relaxing experience along the beaches.

• Cheaper accommodation and flights – Hotels and flight rates are significantly cheaper during off season periods so you can save a considerable amount of money by opting in for cheaper flights during off season times. Off season rates of hotels would also help you get better rooms for lower rates in comparison to seasonal pricing of hotel rooms.

• Post-Ramadan travel – As Muslims may not necessarily be active to start traveling on vacation as soon as Ramazan is over you have better chances of getting better deals on halal tour packages after Ramadan than in other times of the year.

• Better photographs – Off season travel also helps you capture better photographs of surroundings without any interference from any random stranger walking past your camera.

• Better wildlife experience – Travelling during off season times also gives you a higher chance of finding more wild animals and birds in nature reserves and sanctuaries as animals are less likely to come out when there are more people around.

• Weather patterns – Climate in Sri Lanka is rather the same all year round except during the two monsoons which take place from May to September and December to March each year. However, if you plan your trip correctly you can actually enjoy your stay irrespective of weather as Sri Lanka is not known to usually experience harsh weather conditions.

Therefore if you are seeking to enjoy your holiday experience in Sri Lanka do consider travelling even during the off-season periods as you can get a similar experience without compromising on cost or time. On which time of the year do you generally consider travel and vacation? Let us know in the comments below

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