7 benefits of travelling to Sri Lanka during the off season period

Travelling during off season is an age-old strategy which many tourists have tried and tested to reduce travel costs and get better deals during their vacation. As much as it has its pros and cons, off season travel to Sri Lanka has more benefits to offer as well. In this series we shall looking into the top 7 benefits which a Muslim traveler could get by going to Sri Lanka during the off season periods in the country.

9 tips for Muslims travelling to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great holiday destination for Muslims to enjoy vivid experiences and in this series, we shall be exploring some of the 9 proven travel hacks which every Muslim needs to know before going on a halal tour.

Halal Local Food in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is renowned for many amazing things, of which includes its delicious, spicy local food. Muslims have contributed even more and have introduced many Pakistani, Indian and Malaysian dishes to the local culture. In this edition of local culture, we shall be exploring some of the must try dishes which every tourist should taste at least once during their visit to Sri Lanka.

Why Sri Lanka is a great holiday destination for Muslims

Sri Lanka has been one of those countries which were often over looked by tourists in the past but have been a great holiday destination for those who’ve enjoyed their stay in the island. Sri Lanka is often dubbed as the pearl of the Indian Ocean due to its tear drop shaped island and was known during the Colonial era as Ceylon.

Top 4 ways to find halal food in Sri Lanka

Finding halal places to eat meals or purchase some snacks has never been difficult and as a matter of fact there is a rise in the number of halal restaurants coming up throughout the country. As a Muslim tourist travelling to Sri Lanka, its important to note that there are mainly four main ways by which one could confirm whether a particular place serves halal food or not

SriLankaHalalTrips.com Brand Launch Media Release

SriLankaHalalTrips.com has proudly announced that it is offering a variety of exciting packages for Muslim-Friendly Holidays in Sri Lanka. Operating as an active unit of Figco Lanka Holidays Pvt. Ltd, the company has also been nominated as Sri Lanka’s Leading Travel Agency of 2018 by World Travel Awards.