Red Masjid Pettah

Constructed in 1908, the Red Mosque is a historical landmark and recognized as one of the oldest mosques in Colombo. I did a bit of reading up and stumbled upon a snippet which stated that it was used as a landmark by sailors who came to Colombo from afar. Fun fact: this snippet could have been confirmed or sourced properly had any of the mosque employees thought it okay to divulge information about its history, instead of telling me that they're not allowed to say anything about it. SUSPICIOUS.


Anyway, the mosque's been going through a series of expansions over the last few years, and will, in time, be large enough to accommodate 10,000 people (research revealed that it initially accommodated only 500).


Imaad reconnoitred the area and was surprised to find an escalator being installed as well. Given how tall it is (we estimate it to be about six stories high), this makes sense. 


The architecture and design are what makes it stand out in a highly industrialized area. The uniform contrast of red and white bricks next to each other, topped off with a couple of bulbous domes are what gave it its more commonly known identity as the 'Red Mosque'.


Its actual name is the Jamiyul Alfar Jummah Masjid or the Samman Kottu Palli, but eh. In Sinhala, it's simply called the rathu palliya akin to what it's called in English. Strangely (or not so strangely), the domes were designed to take the shape of a pomegranate — and it's also the pomegranate's bright colouring which lead to the mosque being predominantly red. 


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