Galle Light House

Galle Light house located at the Galle fort is one of the 14 remaining light houses of Sri Lanka. In fact the Galle fort is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The glorious Galle fort was firstly built by Portuguese in 1588. Remarkably it had been marked in the Ptolamy’s world map designed around 125-150 A.D. At that time this fort placed in Galle bay, was a quite busy port. The fort was fortified by Dutch in 17th century. Usually it was visited by Chinese, Greeks, Arabs and Indians for business and commercial trading purposes. The light house is erected 7 m above from the road.

Presently it is maintained by Mr. Sarathchandra. It is known as the oldest light house in Sri lanka. The light house was firstly built in 1848, but it was burnt in 1936. The appearing tower was built in 1940.This landmark is almost crowded with local and foreign travelers. The lights are operated through a computerized system. The foremost light at the top of the light house switches off in every morning and switches on at night.

As indicated above this round shaped construction was built in 1939 and completed in 1940. It is 26.5 m in height and 47 m in range. This offshore at Galle fort is operated by Sri Lanka Ports Authority. Fantastic view of the Indian Ocean is appeared besides with the light house. Due to Sea breeze and sea waves, your cumbersome will be vanished. Subsequently it can be known as a relaxing spot.

Local kids who are engaged with flying kites and playing cricket is a frequent view here. Locals prefer to have sea baths while playing an enjoying their weekend holidays. While walking on ancient erected ramparts you can enjoy the sunset at evenings. Remember that the Light house is not allowed to be climbed. So have fun at outside views.

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