Muslim Foods in Sri Lanka

About Muslim Food in Sri Lanka

Multicultural Sri Lanka has been ranked as the world’s fourth best non-Islamic destination for Muslim-friendly travel. Sri Lanka’s ranking is as per a compilation by Crescent rating which has listed top 10 destinations among Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) as well as non-OIC states. Bosnia and Herzegovina top the latter category followed by Singapore, South Africa and Sri Lanka. In listing Sri Lanka, the website said Sri Lanka’s large Muslim population means Muslim-friendly restaurants are aplenty in addition to number of roadside food outlets. Among OIC countries Malaysia ranked top followed by Egypt and Turkey.

Muslim-friendly Hotels & Restaurants

There are plenty of options to find Muslim food in Sri Lanka to indulge in for a visitor there. Due to the large and active Muslim community, Muslim food in Sri Lanka, is widely available across the island. However only a handful of them have got themselves certified as Muslim-friendly by the HAC, which is the main certification body in Sri Lanka. Currently the Muslim-friendly certified outlets are mainly fast food chains. There are also a number restaurants which assure that they serve Muslim food, although they have no certification. It is advisable to check with locals before you select such a restaurant to dine. Apart from the fast food chains and the fine-dining restaurants, Being a majority Buddhist country, there is also a wide selection of vegetarian food outlets all across the island. The locals mainly have rice with vegetable and meat/fish curries. The local food is generally spicy, but some of the restaurants catering to the visitors to Sri Lanka, do serve milder versions of Sri Lankan Cuisine. There are also a variety of snacks known locally as "Short eats". They are generally sold in bakeries or coffee shops. Although most of them do not serve pork based "short eats", it is good to check with local Muslims where to buy Muslim-friendly food. They are great snacks to have as starters or with tea or coffee. They also have a range of sweets made from rice flour and coconut milk.

With the aim of being a professional organization of international repute, the HAC has partnered with the foremost religious scholars in Sri Lanka in order to benefit from their expertise in establishing Muslim food compliance standards locally and to maintain credibility among Muslim consumers both here and abroad.

The HAC has also employed scientific and technical experts and highly skilled professionals in every necessary field of organizational management in order to deliver the highest possible level of quality in service to corporate clients who volunteer to incorporate Muslim food standards in their manufacturing processes and supply chains.

As such it obviously becomes necessary to charge a reasonable fee for the delivery of the service, revenue of which are all reinvested into the organization with any further excesses provided for selected national causes.

The HAC envisions that this initiative would assist in the post war economic development of the country whilst creating appropriate awareness on the topic of Muslim food standards and ensuring the fulfilment of a reasonable constitutional right for people from diverse backgrounds to act upon their respective conscience in making important personal decisions.


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